Around 38% of business entrepreneurs think that affiliate marketing is the best way to reach potential customers.

Here we are going deep inside the Top Gaming Affiliate Programs which are well established in the entire world. 

Gaming affiliate programs are the best to monetize your blogs. You can earn money from anywhere in this world. 

There are various industries inside affiliate marketing. But gaming affiliate is one of the most profitable programs.  

In 2017 around 74 percent of the overall sales from gaming affiliate programs is from the US. 

Why are the Affiliate programs becoming the most attractive business model?

Studies show that affiliate business has a bright future and is the most comfortable and safe way to boost your revenues. 

Around 22% of gamers spend 80% time playing games online. 81% of entrepreneurs use affiliate marketing to increase their sales. 

The gaming market is growing at an amazing speed. We can say that it is a multi-billion industry. Now the question is how to gain the most of the benefit of this opportunity. 

So from this blog post, you will get a plan to proceed further ahead on your journey of earning the best from the gaming affiliate programs. 

1. Wargaming Affiliate Program 

top gaming affiliate programs

It has established itself in around 50 countries around the globe. There is no third party involvement in this program, which means you will get connected directly with the merchant network. 

You will be able to get access to their various promotional tools with high rewards. You can personally examine the information which you have obtained online. Later you will be able to sell games for earning a handsome amount of revenue.

2. Streamplay Graphics Affiliate 

top gaming affiliate programs

The best part of this program is that it has free signup with a 30-day cookie time. 

You can easily promote their referral links on your blog post, and if anyone buys the product then you will be entitled to around a 30% commission. 

3. Sennheiser Gaming Headset Affiliate

If anyone is looking for the best gaming audio system then the first name that comes to your brain will be Sennheiser. Yes, Sennheiser is an established brand around the world. 

Sennheiser has presented an awesome gaming headset. 

You can start earning by just playing your beloved games. 

Just by referring potential customers through their website, you will be able to earn good commissions. 

4. Secretlab Chairs 

Be smart in placing the referral link of this program on your website, and then you will see amazing results. Yes, people will start clicking, and simultaneously it will fill your pocket. 

They offer a 7-day cookie time that helps you to convert your potential customers smoothly. 

On every sale, you will be entitled to earn around 12% commission that is wonderful. Their marvelous marketing campaign will boost your sales naturally. This is an excellent way to make your livelihood. 

 5.Epic Games Affiliate 

Marketers will be able to earn through the Epic Game store. 

Every game has a separate commission structure. 

To get approved you need to have at least 1000 followers on any of the well-known social media platforms. Also, you need to have Epic Games supported payment gateway to receive your commission. 

6.Jinx Affiliate 

top gaming affiliate programs

Jinx has tie-up with Pepperjam to provide an effective affiliate program. You will earn good commissions on every sale of their product. It provides you the tracking system to check the details of your commission. It is good to go for the newbies. Here you will be able to learn new stuff and simultaneously earn good commission. 

7.NVidia Affiliate Program 

Similar to Logitech, NVIDIA has established its brand in the world. Just go for the free sign up and start earning. Due to the high demand for your products they are offering a lucrative commission structure. 

You need to use their logos, banners, and referral links on your website to boost their product sale. They have a tracking system that will help you to check and analyze your data online. If you are looking to earn attractive commissions by working from home then this is the best option. 

8.Logitech Affiliate Program 

Logitech is offering one of the excellent affiliate programs among its competitors. It is a globally established company with strong networks. 

It has around 8% commission for every $125 order volume, this is an awesome stand-in comparison with the competing products. 

Due to good brand awareness, there is a high demand for their product and so it is quite easy for you to sell the product. 


ModdedZone has products like video game accessories and similar. 

It is a medium-sized company but has good discounting offers with coupons for affiliate marketers. They use to offer around 10% commission to their marketers on every sale of their product with an order value of about $150. Also, provide free delivery for their local orders. 

10. Fanatical 

This is program is designed for gamers. It has a good rating on Trustpilot. They are selling around 70 million game keys. 

You will be happy to know that it has award-winning payment gateways and tracking systems. You need to sign up and start using their referral links. As per the commission structure, you will be paid for every sale. 

11.Esports Affiliate Program

They are offering around 10% commission to their affiliates. Esports has five different levels of an affiliate, and every level offers several sports and bonuses.

You need to create promotional programs for their products through your website, social media, and videos to earn a commission from the referral links.

 12.GameFly Affiliate

They keep computer games in the right place to gain gamers’ love for their product. Their website and mobile app for different devices like Android, iPad, iPhone are helping buyers to grab their products easily. Because of this practice affiliates get the advantage to increase their conversion rate. 

Commission pattern – 5% commission for New console and 10% commission for user console. 

13.Astro Gaming Affiliate Program  

Astro Gaming has more elegant products from earbuds, gaming backpacks, wired, and wireless earphones. Their products match the current trends. 

It has 180 days cookie duration with a quite strong affiliate system, that will help marketers to learn and grow. They are offering a 5% commission on all the ventures of headsets, sound systems.  

 14.G2Deal Affiliate  

G2Deal provides pocket-friendly prices plus fast shipping service. 

Their commission percentage is between 8% to 15%

This program is very much suitable for newbies.It helps a lot to learn new things about this industry and its products. 

15.Glorious PC Gaming Race Affiliate Program 

Glorious PC Gaming has a range of products which includes gaming wrist, mouse pad, and keyboards. You need to connect the referral link with your social media and website to promote their products and increase your conversion rate. 

They will offer you a commission of around 5% at a sale of an average of $100 and they provide free delivery for orders more than $130. 

Glorious PC Gaming offers 30 days cookie duration time. 

This is quite lucrative for the beginners who are striving to monetize their blogs and YouTube channels. 

16. CDKeys Affiliate

CDKeys provides good opportunities for their affiliate marketers to grow and earn at a fast pace. At the $10 threshold affiliates will be entitled to earn a 5% commission for every sale. 

They provide a tracking system to monitor your sales and commissions earned. After finishing signup you will get the excess of banners and widgets.

17.Razer Affiliate Program

This is one of the biggest brands in the gaming industry. 

They are offering amazing products to win their gamer’s love for their product. They use to prefer very enthusiastic affiliate partners who are ready to reach their goals with good consistency. 

After completing your free sign-up to their program you are ready to go. Get access to their referral links and start earning around 10% commission on each sale. 

18. Leprestore Affiliate Program

This is the most suitable program for beginners. You will be able to earn around 7% commission for new sales and 3.5% commission for an existing client. 

19.Twitch Affiliate Program 

Here affiliates will be able to earn money from this online streaming platform by creating their own target audience. You need to just place the referral link during the streaming which will help your audience to reach the merchant website. 

There are free and paid subscription plans on Twitch. 

Being an affiliate you will be able to get the opportunity to earn through in-game support plus by selling games.

They want you to generate a minimum broadcast of 500 minutes in one month, 50 followers, and around 3 viewers. 


From this blog post-Top Gaming Affiliate Programs To Boost Your Profit, you will be able to create your business plan for selling highly demanding gaming products. 

Here you have learned about the different affiliate programs available in the gaming industry that will help you to create a road map of your business. 

However, before applying for any affiliate program you need to consider certain factors. 

Firstly, do enough research about each product or service before signing up for any gaming affiliate program. 

Secondly, you need to check the cookie duration which is the most important factor for any affiliate program. 

Lastly, study the demand for the product in the market. Also, check the promotional activities done by the company. This practice will give a clear picture of the marketing strategy of the company. 

With the company’s strong marketing, it will be quite easy to increase your conversion ratio. 

So it’s time to start earning by playing games and at the same time help your audience to become the best gamers.