Let’s study “Metricool Review” to understand this product in a best possible way.

You Can Easily View Your Social Plus Web Analytics Any Time

In today’s growing environment the number one challenge for business owners is to bring different types of data relevant to their communities, audiences and, customers to understand the insight of the competitors. If they will not follow this practice then competitors will outsmart them. 

In this process, the very first thing you need to do is to bring all your social media plus web analytics into one place. Luckily, I come across Metricool which is a very helpful platform for small business entrepreneurs to reach their goals. 

Here is my Metricool review that will help you to understand it in a better way. 

Around 90% of the businesses use Google Analytics and simultaneously check social network analytics individually, adding the statistics in excel and trying to figure out the insights. But now is the time to invest in a dedicated tool for this task. Yes, the name of this tool is Metricool. 


Metricool is a new entrant in this social media industry. Even though you are not aware of this platform but you would be happy to hear that for a couple of years they are rapidly growing. 

They are expanding their network in many countries. After going through all these background analyses, let’s go deep inside the main functionality of this platform. 

Consolidate All of Your Social & Web Networks – Paid plus Organic – in one place

Though social media dashboards are showing various analytical data, Metricool offers reports for various range of platforms. 

See the image below for more clarity. 

Let’s explore tabs of Metricool

Evolution Tab

Connect Your Web or Blog and Extract all the Analytics

Same way you can connect your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google My Business, YouTube, FacebookAd and GoogleAd to get the analytics.

Metricool provides a consolidated view of your digital reach. 

The consolidated report will give a crystal clear understanding of how your social media is working.

You will be able to check the metrics through different periods: 

  • Yesterday
  • Weekly basis
  • Present Month
  • Last 30 Days figures
  • Last Month
  • Previous 12 Months
  • Customize Time Period

You will be able to check the following things. 

  • Community growth, such as daily followers, likes, page views, posts. 
  • Follower Demographics, such as age, gender, city, and country
  • Post and Page synergies, such as engagement, impressions, click per page, reach, comments, reactions, likes per tweet, etc. 
  • Weightage of Posts by hashtag impressions and likes of posts on Instagram 
  • Analyzing your competitors, gives a summary of following, followers, likes, posts, engagement, and shares.

One powerful killer functionality of Metricool is that you will be able to compare performance amongst competitors.

If we talk about website analytics, then Metricool metrics is one of the best ways to understand the information in a best-summarized way. (See picture below)

From this analytics you will be able to get the overall stats like visits, visitors, page views, comments, published posts, daily visits, page views for each visitors, daily visitors, and many more. You will be get idea about the ranking of posts, country wise visitors, page views and different traffic sources.

Real-Time Tab

There are total four different tools in this tab.

Realtime Web Tracker

Here you will be able to check the no. of visitors and page views you have obtained during the last half an hour, today, and during last 24 hours.

A detailed log will show you that how many recent visitors have checked your site, at what timing, location of the visitor, how they searched you and which page they prefer to check.

You will be able to check country-wise visitor data, which URLs are mostly preferred by the visitors, and the most successful sources of traffic which help you to drove the traffic to your website.

Hashtag Tracker

This hashtag tracker is the tool which gives you analytical information plus important reporting details after the completion of your campaign.

Below is the example of Social Media Examiner’s Marketing campaign #smmw19 hashtag

Twitter Management

This module is totally dedicated to Twitter. In this section you will get the recent one week information like links, pictures, videos, retweets. Also give a look on the interactions you obtained in the time period in the form of retweets, replies, mentions and likes.

It helps you to know your best supporters on Twitter who had mentioned plus replied to you at the maximum level in the last one week’s time.

This section shows your followers and this directs you whether you follow them or not. With the specific username, you can search and know the current status, allowing you to make sure that you follow back to those followers who are already following you.

Messages for Customer Service

This module is for bringing all social media messaging apps to one place and handling them from one platform.

Metricool as a Mindblowing Tool

Metricool has various power-packed functionalities and is a one-stop solution for many tasks. It has a section which helps users to use it for publishing and scheduling the content.

This tool guides you the best possible time to post the content.

For Example

  • Facebook: 5 P.M. to 4 A.M.
  • Twitter: 7 A.M. to 2 P.M.
  • Instagram: 3 P.M. to 5 P.M

Obviously, everyone’s audience is different but still, this guideline will be helpful to organize a better strategy.

After knowing the best time to post, you need to just schedule your post or upload CSV file for the same.

One of the good point to be noted is that you will be able to download a CSV file of your posts. With this feature you will be able to edit your scheduled post calendar.

Recycle Your Post By Creating Autolist

With the help of “Autolist”, you can effectively manage your content on different social networks. You can attract a good enough number of your followers and grow the engagement plus interaction rate.

If you are following the practice of creating evergreen content then “Autolist” will support you in recycling the content, through uploading a CSV file or through a RSS feed.

You Can Create Instagram “Link in Bio”

Metricool has the functionality to create a “Link in Bio” page for you. Just add a photo and link and that’s all.

One of the killer functionality – Yes, you can track the performance of your Facebook and Google Ad campaigns on this awesome platform “Metricool”

Metricool has the feature of showing data like

  • Reach, reflects the number of impressions plus reach
  • Performance, number of clicks plus conversions
  • Figures such as Spend,CPM, CTR and CPC

Rather than checking ad campaign performance on multiple platforms, it is quite easy to check all the figures on one platform.

By tracking both Google and Facebook Ad campaigns from Metricool you will save time, get entire view at a glance, and you will be able to plan your actions at a much faster speed.


Metricool is a tool with killer functionalities. It is a web plus social media analytics platform. Though Metricool is not having facilities like Hootsuite or Agora Pulse, this application has good enough features to support your business requirements.

It has free and premium packages. The free package provides access to limited features, but it will give you a brief idea about the key functionalities of this tool. This will also help users to make decisions for their premium package.

Don’t Overthink. Join Metricool