There are many social media platforms and every platform has their own charm. But if talk about Pinterest then it is totally different world.

Let’s go deep inside and understand the blog post “How To Use Pinterest: The Ultimate Beginners Guide 2022”.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a social site where you can collect and share images that you find interesting, and also you can discover new interests by browsing other. Pinterest users’ “collections.

Think of Pinterest as a virtual bulletin board, bulletin board and organizational bookmark tool. Create multiple bulletin boards to catalog your interests. For example, create a recipe board, a wedding board, or a decoration board. If you like cooking or decorating, find the pictures you like on Pinterest or the internet and save them on your Pinterest board.

Examples of Food & Recipe Boards

How To Use Pinterest

For example, if you create a recipe for Pinterest, browse Pinterest and find a picture of a delicious dish you want to try, then click on the picture to find the recipe and instructions. Save the pinned recipe on your recipe board to access it at any time.

Examples of Wedding & Decoration Boards

Examples of Fashion Boards

Save someone else’s picture on your board and private messages people you share interests with. Pinterest is essentially a social network. Similar to Facebook and Instagram, users can interact and follow each other via likes, comments and pictures.

How To Join Pinterest?

  1. Sign Up with your email id

Dive in on your own and sign in with your e-mail. You will be asked a few more questions, such as your gender, and some information that cannot be imported from existing social media accounts.

2. Create your profile

Next, upload a profile picture and fill up the basis details to complete your profile.

3. Select the boards as per your niche

Once you have an account, you’ll need to find some fascinating forums to fill your feed. If Pinterest gets you going, I suggest it. Select a category from the list, such as design, geek, science, nature, technology, and others, and check at least five boards before proceeding. Once you have navigated through the site, you should find other boards worth following.

After selecting a board, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. You may or may not follow a particular board at any time and the account will be notified. Remember that most accounts have multiple boards, so if you follow one account, you can follow all of their boards.

Once you have verified your account, the next screen will show you your home feed, which contains current pins and the people you follow. The more users on the board you follow, the more content will be turned on.

This is also a good time to adjust your settings. Click with the mouse on the drop-down menu in the upper right corner of your image and click Settings. Here you can update basic information such as unsubscribe from email notifications, connect and disconnect your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

How To Use Pinterest?

Pinterest is a great and effective way to connect with people. It brings many advantages, especially if you run an online business.

If you use it correctly, you can achieve your business goals faster. Pinterest has the ability to direct massive traffic to your site. By sharing your business and blog content on Pinterest, you can get high-quality traffic, which is good for business growth. As mentioned earlier, there are advantages when you are active on Pinterest.

Pinterest is a great way to connect with people. It attracts interest, provides traffic and is more likely to become a customer. You can create a community with your followers and communicate how they relate to your services.

It is also one of the pages indexed by search engines. This is a best way to get the perfect search engine optimization.

If you want your brand or business to shine, Pinterest is the best way to do it. You can increase the visibility of your websites and build a good reputation on the platform. For more effective results, you can use creative and high quality images, keywords and pin descriptions. Pinterest allows you to make your brand and services known to people. You should present the best values of your brand / service on Pinterest.

By creatively sharing your content on the blog, you get more leads, sales and conversions. These leads will bring you more profit.

Pinterest can be used free of charge. This means you can share your content and raise awareness of your business or service. If you can reach your target audience, it means that your content reaches the people you want. Pinterest is used by millions of people, so there is a greater chance that people will come across your company and service.

If you’ve heard that people are obsessed with Pinterest, you might be curious about what it is and how to use it.

Pinterest is a visual virtual bulletin board website where you can pin and collect images from across the web. You can create forums to help you categorize your images and add descriptions to remind you why you bookmarked them in the first place. Most images and pins have links to the original web pages where they appear, so you can easily access them.

When people listen to Pinterest, they immediately associate it with recipes, wedding dresses and braids. While it is true that many pinners use the site to gather inspiration for these articles, Pinterest has also been inundated with teachers, university designers, airlines, nonprofits, real estate agents, and news agencies exploring other ways to use the platform.

It will ask you to join by connecting to Facebook or Twitter (the third option allows you to log in using your email address). Once connected to Facebook, you must give Pinterest permission to access your basic information such as your email address, birthday and likes. This allows Pinterest to post activities on your behalf, and you can decide whether or not to re-post your pins on Facebook. Pinterest imports your Facebook photos and you need to create a username and password.

If you are connected to Twitter, you must give Twitter permission to read tweets on your timeline, see who you are following, follow new people, update your profile, and post tweets about you. That’s not cool at all. You can deactivate or omit the check mark by ticking two boxes: Follow recommended friends and post activities on Facebook Timeline.

Hashtag Hacks To Grow Pinterest

Pinterest Fonts: List of Best Font Pairings for Pinterest pins

  1. Antonio Bold and Shadows Into Light Two
  2. Alegreya Sans Regular and Playlist Script
  3. Montserrat and Dandelion
  4. Chalkier and Delight
  5. Abril Fatface and Playlist Script
  6. Lato and Satisfy
  7. Clear Sans Regular and Lemon Tuesday
  8. Montserrat Classic and Satisfy
  9. Poppins Bold and Manjari Thin
  10. Biryani Regular and Lemon Tuesday
  11. Julius Sans One and Euphoria Script
  12. ABeeZee and Homemade Apple
  13. Peachyday and Nicholia

Why is Pinterest best for your affiliate marketing strategy?

  • You can use Pinterest to share different stories, experiences and items you want to sell. Pinterest is more of a search engine based on hashtags and words, with a main emphasis on engaging, image-driven news. Type Pinterest into any of the search box you’re looking for, whether relevant to travel, blogging, recipes or DIY questions, and you will see list of recommendations.
  • Since Pinterest has become a huge sales platform, visuals are essential factor. Here pins have a good enough lifespan than articles on other social media platforms, making them a great platform for long-term profits if you sell something relevant over the years. Pinterest is both a visual search engine and a text search engine, making it a way to share your suggested items and a place to monetize (make money by promoting other businesses, products and affiliate links).
  • This will help you to create a passive income if you do it right. The platform can help you build passive income quickly and easily as long as you get the process right.
  • There are a few ways to monetize your content on Pinterest, even if you don’t have a any blog or website. One way is to add your affiliate links to the URL field when you pin. You can insert an affiliate link on each of your pins, which allows you to break up the experience if you share an article that has its own affiliate link. In this way you can make money by earning commission on the sales you make with your pins. Alternatively, you can use Pinterest for monetization even if you are not on a blog, provided you are connected to a suitable affiliate network program.
  • Pinterest allows the use of affiliate links and the process is very easy and simple. You will receive a link from your affiliate program and use it to link to your Pin, which says “Enter Website.”. The link contains all the information the e-commerce site needs to track sales, and the lead will come back to you. If the lead turns into a sale, you will receive a commission if you redirect customers to the site.

The significance of sharing experiences 

If you want to build some kind of steady, reliable income stream, you are better off not relying on a single sale to build a consistent methodology. If you’re trying to learn more about affiliate marketing than just links, you can follow these basic techniques to build instant, virtual reliability. The easiest way to monetize Pinterest with affiliate links is to add the affiliate link to the specified URL in the text box. Some bloggers have said that they use affiliate links for online courses they have promoted, and when the links for those courses land on the site, there is a boom in sales.

To monetize a product, plug it in and shoot with good dimensions so that you get a good feel for the product. Not just a small blurry picture.

It is best to pin down an experience-related image that tells a story. A good overlay text with a great description will work to explain the product benefits while using search-friendly formulations. A clear Pinterest strategy will also help. For example, if you focus on fashion products, your boards should be arranged so that users can find beautiful products, regardless of what images you use, which is usually not the case.

People are looking for something that helps them contextualize a particular product. They want to know how to use, style and wear it. For this reason, Pinterest recommends that lifestyle images be used for each individual product.

As a travel blogger, you can tell where you are going, what you see, where you are staying, and how to organize an itinerary. A more comprehensive experience can be helpful in persuading someone of your recommendation.

Be transparent about the use of affiliate links and your relationships with brands and dealers. If you redirect users to a brand page via affiliate links, you must comply with all relevant laws and regulations. This is probably the best strategy of all. No two people are the same, and the more authentic you are, the more attracted you are to your tastes and preferences. The easiest way to promote the products you use and love is to be part of your online personality.

Read the terms and conditions of the Pinterest affiliate program carefully before you advertise.

Let’s see some Statistics

Statistic: Global annual revenue of Pinterest from 2016 to 2020 (in million U.S. dollars) | Statista
Find more statistics at Statista


In the fourth quarter of 2020, the number of users of the social network Pinterest gone upto 45.9 million monthly active Pinterest users in the entire world. Pinterest is the fastest growing website, reaching millions of smart monthly visitors with a quite high user retention ratios, a remarkable achievement considering that most of the websites were originally launched and grown only by invitation. The strong commitment of users to popular topics such as fashion, home, garden, DIY, relevant brands and influencers, which form the basis of their leading position in the areas of social marketing and commerce. So you can’t ignore this platform. If you are not using Pinterest then you are losing ground to your competitors. Start using today.