Affiliate marketing may be a lucrative business for digital marketers. Affiliate websites are the simplest thanks to get into the affiliate business. For instance , The Wirecutter, Datingadvice and PC Part Picker are a number of the foremost popular affiliate sites. However, it’s tough to line up an affiliate website.

But there’s an answer . Buying and operating an affiliate website are often an honest investment if you’re on the affiliate marketing journey. It’s not a simple task, but if you master it, you’ll have tons of success.

In this blog we will learn how to sell and buy affiliate websites in 2022.

Where should I Find The Perfect Affiliate Website?

Wirecutter may be a product review site which started small in 2016, grew rapidly and was purchased by the NY Post in 2016 for $30 million. PC Part Picker evolved from a little niche website into one among the best-known affiliate marketing websites. If you play your cards right, your website can grow to an equivalent size or larger.

Knowing what proportion time you’ve got and what you would like to urge an internet site up and running is crucial if you’re not buying an internet site. To assist you discover and operate an internet site to shop for , I even have shortlisted 11 of the simplest platforms from which you’ll buy an internet site . These platforms will assist you sell your affiliate websites as required .

How to Sell and Buy Websites (Step by Step)

Learning the way to buy and sell an internet site can appear to be a frightening task, but following the roadmap we’ve outlined below will make the method much easier.

Step #1: Arrange A Timeline and Budget

The lack of a deadline results in incessant delays and you’ll never start. When planning a timeline, confirm you’ve got a hard and fast under consideration. Allow the web site and take into account the danger of failure within the calculations. Affiliate marketing is a neighborhood where there’s no guarantee that your investment will bring you a return. You ought to believe whether you’ll afford to take care of the location once it starts making money.

how to sell and buy affiliate websites

Step #2: Find the Perfect Niche

Finding an internet site within the right niche is crucial to your success. Finding underused niches is a superb tactic to seek out the right niche. A fitness blog for people under 40 is more useful and relevant to more people than a traditional fitness blog. Picking a distinct segment or creating a fad isn’t an honest idea, because enthusiasm is waning and you do not make money from it.

Step #3: Buy A Good Website

It is crucial that you simply do your due diligence before making a suggestion . Find a couple of websites in your niche so you’ll measure their performance and determine what proportion they’re worth. Current income, income, consistency and upside potential are just a few of the parameters you would like to think about . If you’ve got an internet site that does not work also or is just too less expensive , work thereon yourself and buy a costlier website that generates decent revenue. Once you buy an internet site , you furthermore may got to create an account with a reliable buy and sell page.

It might be that the vendor is tired of the web site and needs to maneuver into another niche. The web site doesn’t work, the vendor wants to form a profit on the location, the location sells well, but nothing else. That’s why Google has flagged them.

Make sure you ask the vendor inquiries to understand how you’re selling it. Once you negotiate with the person, you offer 70% of the selling price first in order that you’ve got some room for negotiation. Don’t offer a lower cost if the vendor is not any longer curious about selling you. Once you’ve got made a suggestion , agree on the worth .

Step #4: Work To Improve Performance Of Your Website

By adding new content to the site, checking out more affiliate marketing opportunities, creating and increasing the e-mail list, you’ll improve SEO websites, improve their ranking and attract more visitors. After performing on the site for a couple of months, evaluate what your site is worth. Now comes the hectic part where you’ve got to figure on the page to form it worth quite once you bought it.

Step #5: Evaluate Your Website

The size of the e-mail list, followers and social media accounts. The amount of sources of revenue of the location . The websites show current income, income and consistency. The traffic it gets, and the way much it gets once you pip out. Also check the worth of the name .

Step #6: Sell Your Website

You can check in for one among the various buying and selling websites we highlighted below and sell your website if you’re satisfied together with your rating. If an interested buyer approaches you, you’ll negotiate your asking price for your website, with which you’ll be satisfied. Remember that websites that need less work to remain up get more, while sites that need tons of labor remain profitable.

When you work with a broker to seek out the proper person to sell, remember that they’re going to charge you a fee to assist you sell. Most marketplaces allow you to sell or buy an internet site with a built-in escrow service, so you do not need to worry about one thing. An agent also can assist you get all the paperwork sorted so you’ll finalise the terms of a purchase . If you opt to not hire a broker, you’ll always address a solicitor to assist you get through all the paperwork.


It is one of the most popular platforms for websites of all types to buy and sell online. As a buyer, you should pay attention to the quality of the website. As it is an open platform for buying and selling, the quality of the website is a major concern of users.

It offers you many options at different prices. You can find a website for $1,000 and it will offer you a website for $500,000. There is no service fee for the buyer, but you must sign up and pay a fee.

Depending on the type of online listing you want to have a listing of your property on Flippa, you will have to pay a fixed amount of $10 to $49. This type of website allows you to buy and sell domain names and app-typical website templates on the website. Buyers and sellers may also need brokerage help, and Flippa charges for this.

For every successful transaction between buyer and seller, Flippa takes a commission as a fee. His commission rises to 5% if the transaction amount exceeds $100,000. If an item is sold for less than $50,000, its commission is 10%.

This is a confidential listing and you can contact the seller for more information. As a buyer, you can list details of public visibility.

2.Fe International

If you are looking for a high quality website, then FE International is the right place. The listings are limited to the highest quality. FE International sets a high standard when buying and selling websites.

The success rate of the platform is 94.1%. This means that if you list your property online on Fe International, there is a 94% chance that you will find a buyer. That is an enormous success rate.

You guessed it. FE International charges fees for selling and buying on the website once the deal is complete. Commissions vary and vary between 10% and 15% depending on the size of the contract.

This type of website allows you to include e-commerce, blogs and news, such as

3.Human Proof Designs

Human Proof Designs is the right platform if you are a beginner who wants to buy and sell website. They do not provide web pages, but help you grow them. They also offer search engine optimization services. They help you to own and affiliate websites based on your budget. They are popular and customer friendly.

There is a service charge, but it depends on the type of service you request.

Your business model is not based on commissions. These are websites where the seller is a different service provider. Normal websites, niche websites, authority websites are the most important products of these websites. This type of website allows them to know how to sell through affiliate websites. You can buy websites and other services through Human Proof Designs.

Site prices range from $79.8 to $54.00. They can be a service or a seller or something in between and everything in between and beyond.

4.King Makers

It is a unique type of platform for buying and selling websites. It has a team of experts to help you know what your website is worth as a seller. As a buyer, it helps you to buy your website. If you’re a buyer who doesn’t have enough money, it offers partnerships. In such cases, it offers you additional services for company growth.

Kingmaker offers several commission options. Fees for buying and selling on the website.

This type of website enables content websites, apps, SaaS tools, etc. Site prices range from $50k to $200k.

5.Micro Acquire

Micro Acquire is the right choice if you are a start-up looking for a Software as a Service (SaaS) tool. They offer a beloved and well-cared for product that can be expanded very well. The additional features you can get make such products more stable.

Micro Acquire does not charge any service fees when you buy or sell on the Site. They make money by providing high-quality services to buyers. There is no commissions or hidden fees.

When you open a premium account, the service costs $290 per year. If you are a premium buyer, you can get early access to special offers and discounts from sellers.

This is the kind of website that allows it to use SaaS tools. The site prices startup tools at $500,000 ARR (Accounting Rate of Return). You can login to microacquire with your LinkedIn profile.

6.Empire Flippers

Empire Flippers has the highest quality of leads. If you find a website for sale on Empire, it is 100% authentic. Empire Flippers resembles an international platform.

If it is the right website to visit, buying and selling on this website can be worth hundreds or thousands of dollars. There are no service fees, no service fees for listings and the listing process is strict. Some websites are too expensive.

The commission depends on the price of the websites. Empire Flippers charges a 2% commission on deals over $10 million. They charge a 1.5% commission on transactions under $1 million. The Commission continues to fall while the price rises.

This type of website enables content websites, SaaS tools and apps. Note that the platform selects the highest quality sites, so sites in your niche may not be listed here.

To avoid fraudsters, Empire Flippers will only approve your request after verifying your credit and other documents.

7.Side Projectors

As an individual, you can join these platforms to buy and sell websites. They sell websites, tools, templates and other online real estate. Side projectors are very popular with buyers and sellers.

It earns revenue from premium accounts, a service that costs $10 a month. Commissions from buying and selling websites are the most popular feature of the platform. This makes the platform popular with the masses.

This type of website makes it possible to be a SaaS tool, an e-commerce tool or an app.

8.Motion Invest

Motion Invest helps you to buy and sell on the website not only, but also the platform plays a key role as buyer. It attracts more buyers because of the lower prices of website listings. The platform buys the website directly from the platform. You get the money immediately and nothing else.

When you sell your website on Motion Invest, the commission fee is zero. For other buyers, Motion Invest charges a 20% commission on websites over $20,000 and 15% on all websites. Motion Invest does not charge any service fees for buying and selling on the website.

These types of websites may be content-based or affiliate websites. Buyers accessing Marketspace via Motion Invest must register and receive a link.


Exchange supports Shopify in calculating exact sales revenues. This means that sellers cannot manipulate the sales figures. If you want to buy on an e-commerce website and get the correct calculation of sales, join Exchange. Exchange supports trust and anonymous communication.

There is no service charges for selling and buying sites. The commission depends on the price of the website on which you buy or sell. Prices on the site may vary. Types of websites that allow trade between stores: Shopify stores.

For buyers, a simple registration is usually sufficient. Some exchanges offer login options for third-party accounts, including Google, Facebook, Shopify, etc.

10.Buysellempire is one of the largest networks of buyers and sellers. It has a huge database of over 10,000 buyers and sellers. The company claims to have a 93% success rate.

Service fees are now listed on the purchase and sale page, such as

Commissions vary between 4% and 10% depending on the size of the transaction (e.g.

This type of website allows content from any website, e-commerce store, SaaS tool or app.

11.Digital Point Forum

As the name suggests, it is a marketplace with a discussion forum. It allows customers to buy and sell different types of products, including websites and tools. You can also discuss various technical topics, including buying and selling websites. There are no service charges or fees on the platform.

This type of website is allowed because it is a SaaS tool with a domain name. You can log in to the platform using your Facebook account. There is no charge for buying or selling on the website. Site prices are limited and start at $1,000.


Now it is clear to you that how to sell and buy websites like a pro. Selling and buying websites is quite simple if you visit the relevant market place, and with the best options which are reviewed in this blog post. It will be totally hassle-free effort.