There is a general thought process that lucrative affiliate niches are already exhausted. That you have missed the train and you have lost your opportunity. Let’s remove this harmful misperception. Keep reading and learn How To Search A Niche When (You Believe) All The Lucrative Affiliate Niches Are Exhausted.

What is a Niche (In online marketing business)

Let’s begin with the primary question first. 

What is a niche?

A niche is a small part of the larger market. It is part of your passion and interest with a solution to the pain points of your audience. 

For example, a Travel agency is a big niche. But when you say New Zealand travel specialist so it is more specific. And again if you say travel adventure expert then it is your micro-niche. This will make your position much stronger than others. Always narrow down your niche to stand out of the crowd. 

Why Discover A Niche In the Beginning?

Why not just creating a website about the travel industry including car hire, holiday packages, air flights, or any other broad topics in general instead of finding a micro-niche?

Industry experts like Conde Nast, Travel and Leisure creates huge content about every topic of travel niche. Over and above this they invest a lot in paid advertisements, backlinks, and other promotional campaigns. It is impossible to compete with them. But you can take a position in this industry if you establish a strong website on sub-niche of this industry like “travel adventure.” 

In this process, you will be able to target long-tail keywords that your industry experts don’t concentrate on, to attract traffic to your website, and encourage affiliate sales. 

It is not impossible to find such a lucrative niche anymore?

Many companies use to publish articles that say that blogging is dead. It says that it is too late to earn through affiliate marketing. 

But this is the time to stop listening to all these rumors and start believing in yourself. 

The year 2021 is coming, so be prepared to rock. 

People say that there are only a few niches left but that’s not correct. Because even in the present scenario also people used to make a handsome amount of profit from the saturated niche. 

There is a list of successful bloggers who are earning good profits on a saturated niche with the help of exceptional content and high authority backlinks. 

A good example of Brian Dean who entered and commanded SEO in a couple of months because of his mindblowing content. 

Every moment people always misguide you by telling you that it is too late to begin because they are just too dull to work hard to achieve victory (or they are clever enough to keep you away from the profitable niches). But if you are confident in yourself then no one can stop you. There is no term like an oversaturated niche in the entire market. 

It can be a game-changer if you approach a successful niche from a different angle and captivate a large market share. 

SEO and digital marketing are considered to be saturated niches. But still, you will find the most successful people list in this niche. 

There is always a chance for a newbie in every niche. You just require enough research and novel angles and views. 

Research report says that 

Point #1: Around 41% Of The World Still not Have Internet Access

Billions of newbies are entering the internet world every moment. These people are into various niches with no previous brand associations. 

Just like us, they will also do research, find new products in their niche, and start their journey. 

This reflects that the size of every niche is growing every moment and there is space for every newbie because people require a bunch of information.

If you will satisfy this gap then you will be able to join the affiliate marketing family. 

Point #2: Pandemic Has Stimulated eCommerce Growth All over the world

eCommerce was already mushrooming when 2020 started but due to Pandemic, it has shown remarkable growth. 

Amazon, the huge eCommerce platform, reported a remarkable rise in sales in the first quarter of 2020.  

When traditional businesses are experiencing huge losses around the world because of the pandemic, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is increasing his revenue quicker than ever before. 

When we talk about Amazon then around 30% of sales come from affiliates and referrals which means the rise in sales has immediately helped its affiliates. 

People buying online in nearly every niche. Due to this, affiliate and product review websites, have seen a rise in traffic. 

This scenario shows that there is a chance of growing demand for the best quality affiliate content that can assist customers in making decisions. 

Point #3: Developing Economies Offer New Possibilities

The US and Europe generate around 60% of all affiliate sales. 

As per the World Bank and IMF, other countries will come into the limelight by 2024. 

There are small business model eCommerce companies that are generating huge revenues and give affiliate programs also. 

This is a good chance to grab region-specific niches and build content around local pain points. This will help in monetizing affiliate programs. 

Point #4: Affiliate Marketing Budgets Are shooting up

Day by day more and more businesses are choosing affiliates and spending in affiliate marketing to boost their sales. 

As per research, brands are funding billions on affiliate programs. 

One of the studies reveals that the yearly spending on affiliate marketing is almost the same as influencer marketing. Brands are supposed to spend more in the upcoming years. 

Brands approach affiliate marketers with various partnership deals because they also classify affiliate marketers as influencers in their particular niches. 

This is because brands are recognizing the potential of affiliates and influencers. 

It’s time to finish up the Niche Saturation analysis 

In short, there is a huge growth potential for new as well as traditional plus saturated niches.  

There is no too late to enter a successful niche and make your strong position by searching for a novel angle and by generating valuable content than your rivals. 

If you observe then you will notice many new and lucrative niches nearby you. Your task is to proceed with the best niche plans, study whether they are worthy enough to try, and then generate helpfully and query solving content that satisfies the requirement of your target customer and establishes you as an expert. 

The 4 Foremost Features Of A Lucrative Affiliate Marketing Niche

Let me quickly cover each one

a) It is distinct and elaborative

The best affiliate niche is to narrow down the board topic. 

For example, weight loss is a broad topic. If we say a weight loss program for pregnant women then it is narrow down. If we again narrow down the weight loss program for pregnant women from only Mumbai. In this case, there are 3 layers of narrowing your niche. So start narrowing your niche, establish authority in it, and then slowly use that authority to shift into other similarly associated niches. 

b) It is built on interest and pain points

You can’t create a site about sewing machines only and call it a niche site. That’s not a correct approach because when the product becomes obsolete then your site will die. 

Any long-lasting business is built on interest and to solve customer pain points. For example, creating a website on blogging. How to start a blog and then include articles on how to find a niche, how to choose web hosting, how to select domain, etc. will be niche website with helping articles and also the same site is selling affiliate products of web hosting, email marketing which is useful to blogger. In this way, you can establish a successful niche website. 

Another example, creating a website on making money online in which includes all investment options, how to make money through a podcast, how to make money through blogging, how to make money through e-books, etc. are included. This way you can establish make money online niche website.

c) It has a high profit-oriented objective

If you want to generate a good amount of profit with affiliate marketing then you need to select a niche where people spend money very easily. 

It means that you should select a niche that is balancing your interest, knowledge, and commercial sense.

d) It is everlasting and always in high demand

The best affiliate marketing niche is everlasting and in high demand around the year. Its demand is not seasonal that only comes into the limelight once a year. 

A grocery site is everlasting because of constant demand. 

How do you discover such niches?

Let me share a few methods to find profitable affiliate marketing niches

7 Steps To Find Successful Niche Plans For Your Affiliate Site

01 Analyze Your Hobbies And Interests

Start your niche research from hobbies and interests. Because you already like to do this but you need to find whether it is worthy to start a good business on the same. 

Take the example of Natalie Isaacs, 1 Million Women Founder. She was a cosmetics manufacturer and later on began the worldwide movement of women and girls. Her vision was to encourage women universally to act on climate change through their efforts. 

02 Flippa Listings

You can buy or sell websites and online businesses on Flippa. Thousands of websites from various niches are available on Flippa. Here you can check their detailed traffic and revenue stats to discover profitable websites. 

Just go to a website listing section over Flippa. 

How to search a niche

Here you will discover thousands of monetized websites with Google Adsense, Amazon Associates, Amazon FBA, Shopify dropshipping, and many more. 

You can do an in-depth study of such website performance stats and learn how it succeeded. Also, find the areas in which more change is required for better website growth. 

You might think that how does this approach will help you in your niche research. 

It’s really an eye-opener strategy. You can make insane amounts of profit with this strategy.

So spend some quality time on this website and note down thoughts you can find. 

03 Study Amazon For Infinite Niche Ideas

Amazon is the very first eCommerce platform to visit for discovering your niche. 

Because it actually sells almost each and everything for this world. 

You will find a huge list of various product categories and novel products within each category. There is no chance that you will run out of ideas for your niche selection. 

Check different categories and sub-categories in the shoe section 

Men’s Sports & Outdoor Shoes

  • Men’s running shoes
  • Men’s walking shoes

Men’s casual shoes

  • Men’s sneakers
  • Men’s Loafers & Moccasins

Men’s Formal shoes

How to search a niche

04 Do a detailed study of Pinterest To Find Novel Niches

Pinterest is a marvelous platform for novel niche ideas. 

Do you know why?

Over and above other social networks, Pinterest has many eCommerce movements with numerous product Pins. 

During the search, you will see sub-niches and other relevant products similar to that niche. 

05 Explore Reddit and Quora to find various niches

Both platforms are considered as goldmines of innovative ideas.

In this research, you will discover novel niches and also understand your target customers’ behaviors. 

Just add the topic and start exploring the rich list of questions and answers to understand the audience’s likes and dislikes. 

06 Search Sub-Niches By Examining Udemy Courses

Udemy is a very good platform for online courses. You can explore the category section and you will find various sub-categories under it. Each such category has many sub-categories and is classified further into more different subjects. 

For example, 


Digital Marketing 

  • Google Ads
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Internet Marketing
  • YouTube Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Google Analytics
how to search a niche

07 Search novel niches using google auto search drop list

Google has the highest date as compared to any other organization in the world. So there is no need to wait and overthink but start using this powerful platform. 

Google search includes Suggested Searches and People Also Ask, both are valuable for doing niche research. 

You need to just write the main search word in Google without pressing the enter key to get a list of suggestions from autocomplete.

Here you will see different angles from where you can approach.

How to search a niche

For example, “How to make money” is different from “How to make money online” and similarly “How to make money on YouTube” is different from “How to make money from Instagram”.

It’s time to finish up the Niche Research

In nutshell, to find a lucrative niche, try to focus on pain points, and create solutions to solve the same. This post of How To Search A Niche When (You Believe) All The Lucrative Affiliate Niches Are Exhausted will a be gamechanger for you.