About Me

Hello Everyone !!!

Myself Tausifa Shaikh – Blogger, Digital Marketing Strategist, Travel designer. I am the owner and founder of this website.

All over the world, people use to say that there is very tough competition and it is not easy to earn from this competing market. Very true I agree but at the same time, I disagree with this statement. Do you know why? Because every person on this earth is unique in itself. Even twins are identical by their physical features but their thought processes, figure prints, and palm lines are different.

So how can we say that there is competition in this world? Everyone has their own talent and the world is the platform to check the same. If a person comes out of the comfort zone to do something new then it is courage and determination. Just be ready to fail and you will be on the ladder of your successful life.

To date, I saw a very struggling life and learned a lot from it. Different types of people and different phases of life. Every time it’s a learning process and to understand that people and things are not as per our choice. We need to adjust ourselves in this module but at the same time, we should keep in mind that we should not change our identity at any cost and this determination will surely give fantastic results. Life will surely start giving a high amount of dividends and we will start using them as lucrative opportunities to grow in this awesome world.

The objective of starting this blog is to help the growing entrepreneurs in setting up their online business. Every post on this website will be very unique and will help newbies and struggling business owners to set up things smartly. The goal is to become independent and there is no need to depend on anyone for anything. Learn, earn, and grow.

“Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else.” –Margaret Mead