Essential oils are very beneficial to overcome stress and headaches, they also decrease pain. They have amazing qualities like antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal.

Advanced development in research says that essential oils’ health advantages have driven the growth in demand and value and the world market is supposed to rise in the upcoming years. 

This is the right time to start Essential oil affiliate marketing. 

Here I will showcase the best essential oil affiliate programs which will increase your affiliate earnings. 

Which things to study for an affiliate program

There are various factors to consider for an affiliate program rather than just focusing on the money part. The very first element to check is the quality of the product. Good quality product marketing will be much easier than the low-quality product. It is advisable to join a program that provides outstanding assistance in selling your product. 

Over and above this, you must ensure that the company gives excellent affiliate marketing creatives and also they use to update their affiliates with their company report and the newest products. 

Always remember that marketing a product will be much easier if the company regularly provides promotions and coupon codes with product samples for testing and review purposes. 

Ultimately, you must check for good tracking, long tracking cookie duration, and custom affiliate links. The best affiliate program will always carry these qualities. 

25 Essential Oil Affiliate Programs 2021

#1 Aromafloria

essential oil affiliate programs

It is now more than 30 years, Aromafloria is producing aromatherapy products. Their various body & bath products with essential oils boost calmness, rejuvenation, and rest. 

Their different types of inhalation beads are great to go. They use to offer body lotions, bubble baths, and bath salts which are best to relieve stress. 

Their maximum products are scented. But their skincare products are not scented. They use to provide a variety of scents inside the product box.  

They have plenty of products under skincare oils, which contains massage oils, shower & bath oils, facial oils that feed the skin in making it glowing and smooth. 

They have a flawless quality product with handsome commission rates. This feature enhances the value of the affiliate program and motivates every affiliate to enroll without thinking much. 

Sales TierAll sales
Cookie DurationUndisclosed

#2 Amoils

essential oil affiliate programs

With more than 60% of women use to purchase natural goods. If any of them sign up for the Amoils affiliate program then you will be able to make a good amount of money. 

Amoils provides the best quality of natural oils which helps in treating specific illness. The company offers various products that support to overcome wrinkles, varicose veins, skin tags, and stretch marks. 

All these products are natural and FDA listed, which are encouraging unique selling points. 

Their incentives and bonus programs give a boost to their essential oil affiliate program. 

Sales TierAll sales
Cookie Duration60-days

#3 Aromahead

essential oil affiliate programs

Aromahead is running eLearning courses on aromatherapy. 

If someone enrolls in their courses through a link you send them, or through the banner on your blog or website, then you will earn money from the same. 

You will earn a commission for every student who registers through your banner or link. 

Aromatherapy for Natural Living

Here students will learn the technique of combining essential oils to prepare natural remedies. The objective of this 36 hours course is to teach people how to effectively apply natural products and essential oils to solve the daily problems of adults, babies, and children.

Body Butters and Lip Balms

This 14 hour Body butter and Lip Balms class will teach about carrier oils and body butter to prepare different therapeutic products for body care. 

Aromatherapy for Massage Therapists

This 36-hour class is created for massage therapists. It will teach how to use essential oils for different bodywork exercises. 

Aromatherapy for Natural Living $25
Aromatherapy for Massage Therapists$25
Aromatherapy Certification Program $100
Cookie DurationUndisclosed

#4 Boom Boom Naturals

essential oil affiliate programs

If you are a newbie in the affiliate marketing world then Boom Boom Natural’s program is best for you. 

You use to pack the scents and oils in the frame of an inhaler. 

They have a good conversion ratio – around one in every six people will generate revenue for you. 

Though their cookie duration is shorter than its competitors the good thing about Boom Boom is that they offer satisfactory commissions to their affiliates. Secondly, their high conversion rate attracts every affiliate to enroll. 

Sales TierAll sales
Cookie Du ration15 days

#5 Barefut

essential oil affiliate programs

They are having a huge collection of 100% natural oils which are being sourced from all over the world. There is a variety of oils like blended oils, single oils, and carrier oils. In addition to this, they have oil diffusers, lip balms, and herbal teas. 

All these products are reasonable to buy and so it encourages a handsome amount of profit with a high conversion ratio. 

Sales TierComission
First-time purchasers20%
Subsequent purchases 10%
Personal purchases10%
Cookie Duration Undisclosed

#6 doTERRA

essential oil affiliate programs

They have some of the most exceptional and unusual essential oils such as Copaiba oil and Frankincense oil. 

Besides essential oils, they have a big range of self-care products

They have a bit different policy of their affiliate program, you need to register yourself as a Wellness Advocate of doTerra to become an affiliate of their product. 

Bonus TypeCommission
Fast start bonus 20% of any order placed by customers/builders in the first 60 days of enrollment
Unilevel Bonus Company set commission for every builder joined under your account
Power of 3 bonus Bonus when three accounts place qualifying loyalty order
Rank bonus Bonus issued according to doTERRA rank
Cookie Duration60 days

#7 Dharmaceuticals (Aurelia Essential Oils)

essential oil affiliate programs

Dharmaceuticals has a comprehensive list of essential oils. There are hundreds of different oils on their list which improve healing and immunity. 

Over and above bathing oils, they also offer oils that cure allergies. 

It offers respiratory blends to cure nasal congestion. There are also a novel set of oils for pregnant women. 

As they offer products with reasonable pricing so there is no adverse effect on your profits and secondly they have good commission rates. Looking to the lucrative commission structure and unique products with good tracking cookie duration, it the one of the most suitable affiliate program in the industry. 

Sales TierCommission
New Marketers15%
High Volume MarkertersUp to 40% (set by the company)
Cookie Duration 90 days

#8 Essential Oils Academy

essential oil affiliate programs

They are running courses that are teaching people how the essential oils play the most crucial part in their life and which leads to a healthy and happy life. 

You have the opportunity of selling their 146 classes via blogs, social media, and email marketing. 

Besides their novel product and excellent industry model, it also provides a high commission to their affiliates. 

Because of all such features, it is one of the most uncommon affiliate products in this industry. 

All classes25%
Cookie DurationUndisclosed

#9 Diffuser World

essential oil affiliate programs

By using high-quality vaporizers and diffusers, one will experience the best advantages of essential oils. 

These essential oils are also useful for flu and cold relief as well as for repelling bugs. 

Besides their good choice of diffusers, they also have a good commission structure. 

Sales TierCommission
All sales15
Cookie duration30-days

#10 GEO Genuine Essential Oils

essential oil affiliate programs

They ensure that all products are 100% organic which is genetic engineering free, non-irradiated, and pesticide-free.

The company provides exclusive blends, essential oils plus accessories like refill pads and infusion adapters. 

The features like reasonable pricing, purity, and undiluted aromas make them stand out from the crowd. 

Secondly, they provide a lucrative commission structure that motivates affiliates to enroll in their program. 

Sales TierCommission
New affiliates15%
High-volume affiliates Up to 20% (set by the company)
Cookie Duration30 days

#11 Floracopeia

essential oil affiliate programs

They are offering the opportunity to earn $40 + per sale which is insane. 

There are many courses on their portal but you should sell their two most popular courses like “A Flower’s Power” and “Pharmacy of Flowers”. On selling both courses with a sale price of $145 each, you will be able to earn around 30% commission every time you make such a sale. 

They are in process of adding some more products and courses in the coming months and the same will be communicated to their affiliates in due course. 

Sales TierCommission
All sales30%
Cookie Duration120 days

#12 Amrita 

essential oil affiliate programs

Amrita has outstanding fame in the industry because they sell only organic essential oils, which is appealing to cream people. On average customers use to consume $67 worth of products during their online shopping. 

They are selling USDA certified products with a bunch of around 140 premium-quality essential oils. 

Their best brand eminence and high-grade of the oils are enough to attract affiliates’ attention. 

Sales TierCommission
All sales10%
Cookie Duration30 days

#13 Jade Bloom

essential oil affiliate programs

Enrolling in their affiliate program is the most awesome way to make money. 

They have a range of around 200 varieties of supplies and essential oils, which are some of the most desirable haircare, skincare, and bath & body products. 

The company Jade Bloom University offers the opportunity to customers as well as affiliates to study how to apply oils correctly. 

On the completion of this course, the company gives a $32 bonus to their affiliates. 

There are separate tiers for each affiliate, like solid monthly discount codes and high commissions.

Sales Tier Commision
Bronze 10% first order; 5% lifetime
Silver 12% first order, 7% lifetime
Gold 13% first order; 8% lifetime
Platinum 15% first order; 10% lifetime
Cookie Duration Undisclosed

#14 Guru Nanda

essential oil affiliate programs

Guru Nanda is using different sources of ingredients from around the world. They are selling essential oils, humidifiers, and diffusers. 

Their long tracking duration cookie makes it more lucrative for affiliates. 

Sales TierCommission
All sales7.5%
Cookie Duration90-days

#15 Plant Therapy

essential oil affiliate programs

Plant Therapy is one of the most well-known brands of essential oils. 

There are a variety of essential oils on their selling list but everyone is not organic. But all organic oils are USDA certified. 

They have a range of kid-safe essential oils which are rarely offered. 

They also sell CBD infused essential oils which cures alleviate pain. 

Though they are having a low commission rate pattern, they are successful in selling their products swiftly. 

Sales TierCommission
All sales7.5%
7-day cookie duration

#16 Rocky Mountain Oils

essential oil affiliate programs

Rocky Mountain Oils are selling essential oils which are the most trusted among the aromatherapist for around 20 years. 

After joining their affiliate program you will have the chance to get in touch with their in-house specialists. The specialist will educate you with their most popular range of products. As they have a little lower commission rate pattern so it comes as the second choice for affiliates to enroll. 

Sales TierCommission
All sales9% – 16% (set by company)
90-day cookie duration

#17 Edens Garden

essential oil affiliate programs

Eden Garden is a very famous essential oil brand and so there is no need to educate people about the same. Due to this, it is easy to promote this product and increase the conversion ratio. 

The unique selling point of their products is 100% pure and guarantees undiluted quality. 

There is a vast range of blends with a choice of products for kids’ use also. They also offer body care products to their affiliate marketers. 

Sales TierCommission
All salesUndisclosed
Undisclosed cookie duration

#18 Shaman

essential oil affiliate programs

They are following an eco-friendly approach that encourages farmers to invest in such eco-friendly systems with the least influence on the environment. 

Their workstations handle the distill and oil bottling which ensures safety standards. 

They have a huge choice of products like essential oils blends, jars of butter, quality hydrosols, etc. 

The most salient feature of this company is its dedication to an eco-friendly approach with a high commission structure. 

Affiliate TypeCommission
Individual 25%
Bonus$100 for every $1000 generated
Undisclosed cookie duration

#19 Lisse Essentials

essential oil affiliate programs

Besides the blog, you can also sell Lisse Essentials on your Facebook and Twitter pages. 

They are offering a range of high-grade products like carrier oils, synergy blends at a reasonable price, and numerous health advantages. 

They are providing enough marketing material with regular reports of conversion and traffic. You will be able to track your commission from their dashboard. 

As their EPC is a bit lower so you can use their program on your 

social media page and monetize the same. 

Sales TierCommission
All sales20%
60-day cookie duration

#20 Young Living 

essential oil affiliate programs

Young Living offers A to Z about essential oil relevant like essential oils, massage oils, blends, and roll-ons.

In addition to this, they also have accessories and diffusers. 

The most attractive part about their affiliate program is that you will be able to market their products of your choice and earn good commissions. 

Sale typeCommission
Retail products24%
Unilevel commissions4% – 8%
New sign-up commission25% for all products purchased in the first three months
Premium member starter kit sale$25
Undisclosed cookie duration

#21 Vibrant Blue Oils

essential oil affiliate programs

Vibrant Blue oils provide an excellent bunch of marketing creatives along with marketing tips and product latest updates to affiliates. They regularly supply special deals to enhance their sales. 

They have a wide range of quality guarantee essential oils. 

Sales TierCommission
All sales20%
6-month cookie duration

#22 Oasis Diffusers

essential oil affiliate programs

Oasis has two novel products: a car vent diffuser and a shower diffuser. 

The users can have a mind-blowing experience of an aromatherapy treatment within their showers.

Shower diffusers are battery powered and can be installed on walls without breaking them. 

Its program innovative part and standard commission rates are good enough to attract the attention of every affiliate. 

Sales TierCommission
All sales10%
90-day cookie duration

#23 HoMedics Essential Oils Affiliate Program

essential oil affiliate programs

HoMedics own Ellia which is a popular brand for diffusers and essential oils. So the main benefit is that if you join the HoMedics affiliate program you will be able to sell their products like air purifier, neck massager, and Ellia essential oils. 

They have a low commission structure but their vast range of products will make your task much easier to boost your earnings.

Sales TierCommission
All sales8%
Cookie Duration30 days

#24 The Ayurveda Experience Essential Oils Affiliate Program

essential oil affiliate programs

For many years Ayurveda is considered one of the best techniques to cure various diseases and lead to a happy and healthy lifestyle. 

After joining their affiliate program you will have an opportunity to sell around 1,60,000 range of products for skin and health care.

Sales TierCommission
Beginners are entitled to15%
As you grow you may get the chance to earn around25%
Cookie Duration60 days

#25 Pilgrim Collection Affiliate Program

essential oil affiliate programs

Pilgrim collection is known for the most stylish diffusers. 

If we talk about essential oil best-sellers then it comes to Disconnect collection, Rest collection, Strength collection, Uplift collection and Purify collection. In addition to these diffusers, best-sellers are like Teo, Zeo, and Sofia.

You need to target people who are interested in health and home-style both. 

Sales Tier All sales
Cookie Duration90 days

From this post of 25 Essential Oil Affiliate Programs 2021, you will be now clear for further line of action.