EngageBay is a marketing automation software with all-in-one sales features that help you to set your marketing efforts, sales and provide you a 360-degree user-friendly journey.

Let us check EngageBay Review 2022: Is It a Good Platform For Marketing Automation & Sales?

EngageBay Rating Bar

Quick Review


  • Good Functionality
  • Easy to use
  • Best integration with popular CMS
  • Reasonable pricing plans
  • Good customer support team
  • No compulsory annual contracts
  • Free trial signup


  • Few choice of templates

Pricing Plans

Pricing PlanCost (Per Month)
Free Plan$0
Basic Plan$8.99
Growth Plan$29.99
Pro Plan$47.99

Sales, CRM, Marketing automation plus live chat – EngageBay supports to makes things easy for small business owners.

We can say that EngageBay is an all-rounder. Compared to competing products, it offers services at a reasonable cost.

Engagebay : Key Features

  • Email Marketing
  • Lead capture forms
  • Marketing automation
  • Landing page creation
  • Customer relationship management
  • Live chat
  • SMS marketing
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Lead Management
  • Project Management

Engagebay Is Useful For :

  • Freelancers
  • Small Business Entrepreneurs
  • Business Marketers
  • Someone who are interested to improve their lead generation
  • Someone who want to setup their email campaigns
  • Someone who want to streamline sales, service and marketing of their busines

Let’s have a look on their main software setups – Marketing Automation, CRM & Sales Bay and Live Chat / Help desk.

Marketing Automation

Once you login you will find that marketing automation is selected by default. Dashboard look like this.


Here you will find sections like reports to contact lists, forms, sequence lists, landing pages and many more. You can easily drag-and-drop to arrange as per your comfort.

Inside navigation menu, you will find “lists” and “contact” options.

(Are you interested to test this? You can signup for free here)

Let’s check Inline Ads

Inline Forms

  1. Go to “Forms” option and now click on “Create Inline Form.”

2: Select a suitable form template from this.


3: You can edit the field, title, theme, in your form. Once done click on “Save.”

Popup Forms

It is very easy to create popup forms. There is no need to learn coding to create such popup forms.

  1. Click on “Popup Forms” inside “Forms option.” Now click on “Create Popup Form” to ready to go.

2. You can edit the positioning, colors and text for the popup forms and their call-to-action buttons.

Landing Pages

1: Select “Create Landing Page” to start the creation process. There are various tutorial video that you can check before starting.

2: Here you will see all the templates for landing pages. There is option to, “Code Your Own” for paid members.

There is a blank template where you can design landing page of your choice that this will bring more control over your design.

(Are you ready to create your landing page? Here is the link free registration)

3: You will be able to edit the templates you select to design your own landing pages. You can change fonts and resizing of every element.

4: Now you can save this landing page. After adding the name, just click “Submit.”

In paid plans you have facility to design custom domain for your landing page.

Instead of long domain name, you will get the facility to select one that is perfectly relevant to your business brand. Such option is not available on other platforms. So, it is very good bonus point with EngageBay.

Instead of a random long domain name, you can choose one that is directly related to your brand. This option isn’t available with many other landing page builders. So, it’s a big plus with EngageBay.

Email Templates

1: Click on the “Create Email Template” button.

2: Pick a relevant template for your business. They have various templates for online plus ecommerce businesses and many more.

(Would you like to create your own email template? You can try it today Register Here For Free)

3. Here you can edit the blocks, body of the template and content. Plus you will be able to add different colors, borders, styles, and many more.

4: Once done, check the preview of the same. If you are satisfied with it, then proceed further and save it.

Video Templates

1: Click “Video Template” from the “Templates” option. Here, you will be able to upload existing or record a video.

(Would you like to record your own video? Register Here For Free & try it today)

Step 2: Here you can drag and drop the video. You can choose thumbnail and name for your video template.

There are various other powerful features like email broadcasts, sms broadcasts, sequences, automations and workflows.

Sales & Customer Relationship Management Software Solution

Click on the dropdown arrow and choose, “Sales.”

Sales Dashboard will look like this

You will be able to see sales performance and deal funnel productivity all in one place. You will get customization facility like dragging each part.


Here you can add your contacts and create your lists.

(Would you like to add contacts and create your own lists? –

To create contacts, you need to go on the top right corner and select, “Create New.”

Here you will get a dialog box to add details for the new contact to add.


You can create your own list. Just go to contact menu, click list option and click create.

Here you will be able to enter details of your contact list. There are two types of list : Static List and Smat List.

You need to update static list manually and a smart list will be created automatically based on the rules set in the system. If contacts are not following the set rules, then they will be removed from the list.


This is an additional feature inside the sales dashboard. It will facilitate you to generate multiple company profiles in order to keep a close track of your customer experience and your deals. If you add company name with contact details then it will be directly shown inside this section.

This is an extra feature in the Sales Dashboard. It allows you to create multiple company profiles so you can keep track of your deals. If you have added a contact along with the name of a company, it is directly reflected in this section.


Here you will get an overview of the entire process of obtaining a new deal.


In the same manner, the Tasks section reconfirms that each and every person of the sales team is on the same road map about various task given to them.

This section is much similar to Trello dashboard. The major difference is that here there is no need to manually shift the task cards.

Other features are as follows.


EngageBay is a super powerful software with a combination of multiple tools. Besides this, it is pocket friendly. In nutshell, it is one of the most preferred sales and marketing software by most of the business enterpreneurs.

It has best customer support system which adds great value to user experience. They keep on adding new features in this awesome software.

If you are looking for all-in-one toolkit for sales and marketing of your business, then a BIG YES to EngageBay.