There are various Web hosting companies in the market and every hosting has its pros and cons. Bluehost is one of the well-known hosting platforms for personal branding websites and bloggers. In this post “Bluehost Review: A Comprehensive Overview with Pros & Cons:” you will get more clarity about different aspects. This will help you to decide whether it is suitable for your business requirement and budget. 

Bluehost review

In the past 16 years, it has created its own identity with mindblowing server performance. Also added value to WordPress eco-system. 

Bluehost review

Let’s get started

Bluehost gives many hosting options such as shared hosting, Virtual Private Server hosting, and dedicated hosting. 

Bluehost review

Their shared hosting is good for beginners & there are 3 different options in the same. 

Below are the key parameters to evaluate a web hosting platform

  • Hosting optimized for WordPress
  • Pricing
  • User-friendly
  • Disk space
  • Email
  • Custom Support

They have an easy installation facility and a user-friendly interface. 

Also, they have well-optimized servers for WordPress blogs. They are the leader in their industry and among the top suggested web hosting services on the official WordPress website. 

Bluehost servers are capable enough to handle the extra load without any downtime at all. 

Google has kept the SSL certificate as one of the key factors for search engine ranking because they take care of cybercitizens’ security. This is the reason, Bluehost gives a free SSL certificate to all the users. This is of prime importance for any new user who has just started a website on Bluehost or want to migrate from another platform. 

One of the good things about this web hosting is that there is no need for any technical knowledge to use SSL. Because of such features, even a newbie can work smoothly. 

There are a total of 3 package options available in Bluehost. 

  1. If you are planning to build only one website, then you should go for the basic plan. 
  2. To build multiple websites, you should go to the “Plus” package. 

It is good to go for the “Plus” package because it is really value for money and covers everything. 

WhoisGuard is a privacy protection facility that prevents people from viewing your name, address, phone number, and email id when anyone does a Whois search on your domain. It protects you from potential spam and even identity theft. In such a case, go for a prime package for two or three years. 

Usually, almost every web hosting platform’s short-duration plans are expensive than long-duration plans. The same thing applies to Bluehost also. So it is advisable to buy at least 2 or 3 years plan to get the most of the benefit of the discount offer. 


  • From pricing point of view it is good for newbies to start.
  • They manage huge number of websites with very less chance of downtime.
  • All extra charges breakup shown at the time of taking membership. User is free to select or omit any of the extra service.There is no hidden charges added later on.
  • User get the benefit of using free domain for 1 year from the day of signing up.


  • Renewal charges are higher than others.
  • They are using very strong upsell strategy. However user can omit all additional supplements.

Bluehost Performance

The key factor to consider while choosing web hosting is the speed. It affects your audience experience on your website and also affects SEO rankings. The research report shows that a 1-second fall in the speed can reduce your 7% conversion rate. And if the fall is for 3 seconds then it will eat up your 50% traffic. 

The study report says that Blue host servers were tested through a testing tool called Load Impact. This will slowly create 100 virtual users to check how the server will manage high demand requests from various connections at a time. After experimenting with this it was found that overall performance was good and there was no downtime during this testing process. 

Bluehost Server Response Time

If you are testing through Pingdom that it will check how everything loads on your website. This covers images also because it takes a longer time to load compared to simple text. 

For more perfect figures, researchers have done testing through Bitcatcha. This will check server response time without storing any data. 

If we check the report then we can found that the Bluehost server works in nanoseconds in the United States but in other locations, its response time is a bit more but still less than a second. 

In case your target customers are in the United States, then it will be a good decision to use Bluehost servers. But if your customers are from different parts of the world then it is advisable to change the location of your server. 

Bluehost Support and Customer Service

Bluehost review

It is an absolutely vital decision to select a web hosting platform that provides smooth support to their clients. Bluehost has a bunch of articles, ultimate guides, and video tutorials to educate their users. This will be a great help for newbies and it will be good enough to resolve small queries. 

Sometimes you might need human involvement to solve your problems. But don’t worry Bluehost gives a 24/7 help system.

where you will be able to get in touch with their customer care executives through live chat or phone. This will help you a lot with a quick solution. 

Conclusion: Is Bluehost the Best Choice for You?

After going through this review post you might be thinking whether Bluehost is the best choice for your business?

Bluehost is one of the no. 1 hosting company. They provide various types of hosting packages with amazing features that you can easily apply to your website. 

One of the best things is they include 24/7 customer support for every plan. 

They are offering good deals for the newbies. If you are a beginner and just started using Bluehost shared hosting package then it is the right decision. It is pocket friendly and covers all the essential tools. As you grow you will have the facility to upgrade your plan and match your requirements accordingly.