In this digital world, you have heard a lot about blogging vs Vlogging. Let us go into detail here. 

Blogging is the platform where different talented views and opinions are shared with their loyal followers. Besides website blogging, the recent trend is about Instagram Blogs. Naturally, people work out on this microblogging platform to gain their target audience. Instagram microblogging requires a picture and some text. That’s it – you are ready to go. 

As we all know that bloggers have a huge following list so companies incorporate their brands in their blog posts to reach their target audience. In the year 2017, around 92% of the marketers concluded that microbloggers on Instagram supported them for their ongoing marketing campaigns. 

Blogging vs Vlogging

Statistic: Ranking of the most popular blogs in Sweden as of February 2021, by number of visitors | Statista
Find more statistics at StatistaStatistic: Ranking of the most popular blogs in Norway as of October 2020, by number of visitors in the past day | Statista
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Video blogs are known as Vlogs. If you are good at designing attractive visuals then you must start your Vlogging career. YouTube is one of the best vlog platforms. It is a free, fast, and user-friendly platform. The main thing you need to arrange for is the equipment to start your vlogging. 

If you have enough budget to purchase a good camera then please check my resource link. If you are on a shoe-string budget then you can create your video on your Android or iPhone. One cannot ignore YouTube because it is one of the most influential platforms to shine out in this competing world. Around 90% of moms trust YouTube for gathering reviews of baby care products. 

Blogging and Vlogging both have a fantastic influence on the entire world. 

Blog vs Vlog: Which Is More Suitable for Website Traffic?

You need to figure out that which is the best for your business. Generating enough website traffic is the very first point to be considered while selecting any of this platform. From the business viewpoint, every visitor of our website is our future customer. All these visitors will generate good revenues and increase our credibility.  

As per studies, we can observe the stats, that a website with video content has a conversion rate of around 4.8% compared to the website without a video content conversion rate of 2.9%. Though these are not major figures still we can’t ignore this. 

However, low quality, irrelevant, inappropriate content shows a lack of effort and will not attract any traffic to your website. 

So if you have a good budget then don’t compromise and go for a good webcam and microphone to shoot your videos. This practice will create high-quality video content and finally increase your website traffic. Keeping in mind this benefit one can observe that Vlogging creates more turnover than Blogging. 

But there is no need to rush. Everything carries its pros and cons. 

Blogging vs Vlogging in Marketing Campaigns

Blogging and Vlogging both are gaining a good amount of popularity.

It is very much true that businesses love to create more Vlogs compared to blogs. Nearly 20 Vlogs per month is the average creation rate. Though Vlogs are more attractive than Blogs they don’t show up in the search results every time. But if a blogger is following perfect strategies to grow then Blog will show up in the search results all the time. 

Statistic: Most popular blog content formats according to bloggers worldwide as of September 2019 | Statista
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You might be now confused. What to do and not to do? Right. As mentioned earlier everything has its plus and negative side. 

Let us discuss the solution for the same. 

Who Is The Target Audience for Blogging?

Blogging is the art of describing business stories and many more in such a way that the audience got hooked till the end. 

 A strong blogger will influence their audience’s decision-making process with the story of the blog post. 

SEO is a must-skill for any blogger. Because Google ranks the best keyword content. Meta description also plays an important role in attracting more genuine readers.

If you are looking to share complicate and lengthy content then blogging is the best way to showcase the same. The only thing is you need to use appropriate headings to educate your readers about the content of your blog. 

Who Is The Target Audience for Vlogging?

Vlogging is a different world with a visual presentation. One cannot deny accepting that high-quality video content is good enough to increase the conversion ratio of any website. 

This is the best way to add video content to your Website or any other social media platform. For example, you can teach how to start email marketing through a video tutorial by using step by step process. Vlogs are good to showcase any tourist destination, hotel, restaurant, and many more. 

Video watching is quite easy compared to reading a long blog post. 

Preferably, shorter videos with detailed information are more likely to attract viewers and subscribers. Lengthy videos with too many steps may compel the viewer to quit soon. 

Statistic: Percentage of U.S. internet users who use YouTube as of 3rd quarter 2020, by gender | Statista
Find more statistics at StatistaStatistic: Percentage of U.S. internet users who use YouTube as of 3rd quarter 2020, by age group | Statista
Find more statistics at Statista

 Blogger or Vlogger?

If you are a good writer and want to share long content that can hook the reader till the end of the blog post then blogging is definitely for you. 

If you are not camera-shy and very live in public speaking then Vlogging is for you. You need a good quality microphone and camera to complete this task. Here you will get fast exposure.

Is Vlogging Harming Blogging?

Of course no. This is like thinking ebooks are killing paper books. Every product has its audience. Vlogging has plus points but from an SEO point of view, blogging is much more reachable. No one is harming anyone. 

Conclusion :

Learn to use the content on multiple platforms. Write a blog post and simultaneously make a video of the same to increase your website traffic. This practice will boost your conversion rate and will help you to survive in this competing world.