Are you looking for Best Affiliate Marketing Website Examples? Here is a list of all the ideas that will help you to make a powerful business plan.

1. Just a Girl and Her Blog

Affiliate Marketing Website Examples

The founder Abby Lawson started this website in 2013. 

Just a Girl and Her Blog covers the topics like home crafts and decoration to organization and productivity 

Just go through the income report section for this website and you will be able to know the influence level of this website

After December 2016, she decided to stop uploading income reports anymore. But from the available income reports, you will be able to judge her income flow. Around 75% of the income earned is through affiliate marketing

Abby is earning money by selling her ebooks and online courses. But at the same time, her main source of income is coming from Amazon Affiliate products

Source : SimilarWeb

2.Lucie’s List

Best Affiliate Marketing Website Examples

The best strategy of affiliate marketing is to check the hurdles that you face in your daily schedule. This practice will help you to check the pain points of your customers also. 

The founder Meg Collins had gone through a tough time during her pregnancy. This motivates her to start this website that can help new mothers to take care of such situation. 

She created blog posts on various topics like baby food, potty training and, all relevant things. The main objective of this information is to support the expecting mother. 

This website is attracting a good number of visitors and, this gives a boost in its organic reach. Meg has an active email marketing campaign for sending quality newsletters. Because of this, she is having a long list of email subscribers. 

Lucie’s List is making money by promoting Amazon affiliate links with product reviews and buyer’s guides. Meg has also published many ebooks on parenting and, promoted the same on Amazon. 

Source : SimilarWeb


Best Affiliate Marketing Website Examples

Fatherly is a magazine-style website that has good quality content. It directs traffic to their affiliate product reviews and “best of” blog posts.

From this website, you will learn about the content diversifying strategy. There is no need to attract visitors to every blog post on your website. You just need to bring traffic with the help of your SEO optimized high-quality content. And then direct the same to your affiliate links. 

Their basic income source is through the “Gear” section, with many product comparisons, suggestions and, reviews containing Amazon affiliate links. 

Source : SimilarWeb (TIWIB)

Best Affiliate Marketing Website Examples

TIWIB has created a gigantic list of buyers for its gift niche. 

Their website menu covers what’s new, gifts by recipient, gifts by occasion, gifts by category, more categories. You will find everything for everybody and every occasion. 

They use to make most of their earnings from Etsy and Amazon Affiliate program. 

Around 90% of their traffic is through an organic search engine, but at the same time, they have established their strong brand awareness on social media also. 

Source : SimilarWeb

5. DogFoodAdvisor

If we talk about the U.S. there are around 90 million pet dogs, with a boost in the number of over 10 million in the past 10 years. Dog Food Advisor helps dog owners in getting different types of information related to dog food. 

They are earning commissions by giving their reviews on various dog products on their website. 

Their major source of traffic is organic search. They also create a good amount of revenue by sending lucrative content emails through their email marketing campaigns. 

Source : SimilarWeb

6.The Points Guy

Best Affiliate Marketing Website Examples

This is the place where you will be able to select the best credit card and budget-friendly travel tips. This platform will teach you how to leverage offers while traveling around the world with a shoe-string budget. The Points Guy has established its own identity by helping people to get the best rate flights and travel options. 

Their main source of income is through credit cards & travel companies’ affiliate programs. 


Best Affiliate Marketing Website Examples

This is a review website for different types of financial products like credit cards, bank accounts, loans, etc. 

Its major chunk of traffic is through organic search results. Simultaneously it has achieved a strong position in this niche by using social media and PPC advertising. Its entire source of income is through affiliate marketing of financial products and services. 


With the increasing demand for home security products, this website has attracted great attention in the overall market. 

At present, the home security industry is meriting over $40 billion and is estimated to raise at around 10.4% by the end of 2023. 

Nowadays, people are much aware of the different products of home security. And this gives a good advantage to the website like Safewise. Because it provides helpful review content for the home security devices. The major traffic comes through organic search results, with a small social media marketing activity. 

They make most of their income through CJ Affiliate and Amazon affiliate programs. They have tie-ups with Vivint and Frontpoint which are paying them the handsome rate of commissions. 


All affiliate marketers are doing their research to know the pain points of people. This research helps them to create their business plan. 

It is quite difficult for people to figure out the right camera from the long list. Snapsort is the platform that helps you to sort the list and finalize the product which is most suitable to your requirement. It gives you a clear review plus a comparison of the product available on Amazon. In this way, they are earning a good amount of commission through affiliate programs. 

10. Shut Up & Sit Down

This is an amazing model of a successful affiliate website that has built an excellent community for its board game niche. 

It has created a good reputation for board game lovers on a global level. 

Their website contains content of around 400 board game reviews. 

They also have a huge following on platforms such as YouTube and Twitch. They are earning commissions through individual affiliate programs of game manufacturers plus Amazon affiliate programs.

With their Paypal donations system, they use it to motivate their buyers to support their website. 

They have huge organic search result traffic, but at the same time, they also have a strong flow of engaging audiences through Reddit and YouTube.

11. PC Part Picker

With a self-explanatory website name, PC Part Picker helps people in buying the right choice of PC as per their requirement. 

Instead of writing comparison blog posts, they use to share product-specific information with the help of long-tail keywords. 

By nurturing people’s requirements, PC Part Picker has established its brand and earning good commissions from the affiliate links. 

12. What Moms Love

This website provides information on children’s products – reviews, 

guides, free advice, recommendations that will guide new mothers in taking care of their children. Aly, the founder of this website has four children so she has good experiences to share with new mothers. 

What Moms Love has the following of around 45000 on Pinterest. 

As most of the audience of Pinterest are females so it is the best platform to reach new mothers. Around 80% of U.S. mothers are using Pinterest. 

Aly is earning from the Amazon affiliate programs and through her email marketing campaigns. 

13. Everyday Carry

Everyday Carry has established its strong position in the overall market. They know the pain points of their audience and, so they use them to promote products that are useful in daily life. 

They have a high level of content to create a good amount of revenue and attract new traffic. Along with buying guides and review articles, they are also adding interviews to increase their organic reach. 

Their basic earnings are through affiliate links and email marketing campaigns.


The coffee industry has experienced huge growth in the past 20 years. As per research reports, we can observe a shift in buyers’ behavior; around 70% of people now go for home preparation. 

Homegrounds has encouraged people to buy the best coffee makers to make good quality coffee. 

They are offering the information like recipes, reviews, brewing guides, comparison blog posts. 

Their major chunk of traffic is through top ranking in the search engine results. However, they have done great work in transforming their visitors into subscribers to their email campaign. Their earning sources are Amazon and ShareASale Affiliate programs. 


This is a popular niche for affiliate marketing. However, it is necessary to use best selling points to stand out from the competition. 

They provide information on music gear & equipment that are used by famous musicians. Also, publish buyer’s guides and, product reviews. 

They are using popular keywords prefix “top 10” and “best” for creating good traffic to their website. Over and above organic traffic, they have a good reach to their audience through YouTube channel. Their email marketing campaign is also strong enough for growing their overall influence. 

Their major source of income is through Amazon affiliate programs. 

16. Top Ten Reviews

They are attracting millions of customers each month by providing detailed content from credit cards to laptops. 

Their main objective is to satisfy their readers with honest suggestions and reviews. This practice increases their credibility and generates organic traffic on their website. 

They are earning through affiliate links from Lowes, Amazon and, other big retailers. Their email marketing is also one of the powerful sources of generating income. 

17.The Minimalist Baker

John and Diana are the founders of this website. They have started The Minimalist Baker in 2012 and has achieved remarkable growth in the baking industry. Around 6 million people visit this website monthly to read their product reviews, cooking courses, latest recipes and, guides. 

Over and above organic traffic, they have a huge list of Facebook plus Instagram followers and email subscribers. 

They are generating income by selling their own cooking course. Besides this, their website online store is creating a significant amount of revenue by featuring Amazon affiliate products. 

18. 100 Days of Real Food

It is not necessary to create only a review website if you want to sell Amazon products. The founder Lisa Leake has created 100 Days of Real Food in which she includes all healthy eating articles. Her recipes attract a big number of visitors to her website. 

Her cooking recipes are strong enough to attract organic traffic to 100 Days of Real Food. But at the same time, she has a long list of followers on Facebook and Instagram. 

She is earning from her cooking courses and by promoting cooking equipment affiliate links from Amazon. 

19.Consumer Search

This is a review website that includes fitness & sports, technology, family & pets, Health & Beauty and, Kitchen. Every month they are attracting around 3.5 million visitors by publishing product reviews. 

It is quite essential to gain readers’ interest and trust in your content, and Consumer Search has already succeeded in doing this. 

Along with product reviews, they provide a detailed buyer’s guide that will help people to select the right products as per their requirements. 

Their main source of income is commission generated from Amazon Affiliate programs. 

81 Other such Affiliate Marketing Website Examples

20. GiftIdeaGeek

21. TheWireCutter

22. TheSweethome

23. GearPatrol

24. BabyGearLab

25. Bestcovery

26. BestReviews

27. KidsTabletsWithWifi

28. LongBoardReviews

29. FootballSnackHelmets

30. OutdoorGearLab

31. TomsHardware

32. Theadventurejunkies

33. AllThat3d

34. LiveLongerRunning

35. PickMyShaver

36. InflatableHotTubeGuide

37. SmartMonkeyFitness

38. DrillsAndDrivers

39. ChooseWheels

40. GrowABeardNow

41. RoastyCoffee

42. OwnTheYard

43. AGreatShower

44. Shaverlist

45. Cnet

46. SewingMachineJudge

47. TheRoundingSound

48. KnifeInformer

49. KitchenKnifeGuru

50. EscooterBox

51. MicrophoneGeek

52. VaccumJudge

53. Kitchenarena

54. Top5LawnMovers

55. ShredderSelect

56. BestElectricHoverBoard

57. MassageChairLand

58. CoolCampaigngear

59. DigitalTrends

60. Reclinerlife

61. AquariumAdviser

62. CanineJournel

63. ThoroughlyReviewed

64. PodcastInsights

65. VloggerPro

66. Skyscanner

67. Headphonesaddict

68. Guitarfella

69. MoneySavingExpert

70. MakingSenseofCents

71. WesiteSetup

72. TheMilitaryWallet

73. Mr.MoneyMoustache

74. BreakingMuscle

75. MyGolfSpy

76. EpicGardening

77. ThePennyHoarder

78. FinVsFin

79. SimplyInsurance

80. Itsalovelylife

81. SFTourismTips

82. SurvivalLife

83. GolfInsideUk

84. TheFlooringGir

85. MoneyUnder30

86. Greedyrates

87. SleepingCulture

88. GroovyMarketing

89. SucculentsandSunshine

90. SwimUniversity

91. VaporizerFriend

92. CamperReport

93. ThankyouSkin


95. CompareAccounting

96. DirtBikePlanet

97. 50em

98. TechRadar

99. ThePrepared

100. TerritorySupply


I would suggest you check this blog post “100 Best Affiliate Marketing Website Examples Making Money In a Niche” and, go through all the powerful websites and, note down the best ideas from the same. After completing this exercise it will be quite easy for you to create a road map for your business. Every website has its own charm and position.