When we think about e-commerce platforms, then the first name that comes to our mind is Amazon, and all other names come later. The online retail king dominates an enormous part of the industry which has its own echo system. This ecosystem has its own unique stand with the best business practices compared to its competitors. In this post, we will go through the authentic ways to increase Amazon Sales.

Let’s go deep inside. Almost 55% of the online product search starts at Amazon. That’s the truth – more than half of the world’s population is considering Amazon over the other platforms. Buyers are super comfortable in using this user-friendly platform for finding any of the products they want. There is also very tough competition in the retail market and that compel competitors to learn and implement result-oriented tactics specific to Amazon if they want to grow and succeed. 

Luckily, the internet is a super useful place for people who want to learn something new and innovative. In this post, we’re going to do in-depth learning of the 11 strategies and tips which will help you to succeed and maintain the success you have already achieved on Amazon. 

Let’s get started and understand the 10 Top Authentic Ways to Increase Amazon Sales

Top authentic ways to increase Amazon sales
  1. Differentiate Your Products From Competing products

This doesn’t mean that your product should be extremely different and best in the same category. But it only means that you should sell quality products as compared to your competitors. From the communication and sales point of view, your product listing is the most important factor you need to focus on. Your customer needs to know everything about your product before choosing to buy and that decision comes through the product listing page. So yeah,  it’s going to be a major point to discuss. 

Basically, the main objective of the product listing page should be to give the customer a clear idea of why your product is better as compared to other products. Some of the good tactics to apply is to use great images, write engaging descriptions, etc. But what really matters is to focus on the product’s unique selling points. Your listing page should be strong enough in addressing customer pain points immediately and make the customer happy.

After all, customers know what a washing machine does. They can take their own decision. Certainly, they can – but if you are not replying to the questions that people are asking for washing machine then they could decide to buy some other product out there than yours. 

So it is always advisable to do proper research. Look at the list of questions that are going to be asked frequently on competing product listing pages. This is a fantastic resource to find more about the mindset of your target audience. Be consistent in replying to customer queries and educate them about your product at your level best. This practice will show why your product is better than others and it will also increase customer trust in your company. 

You can also take the services of specialists in this field. Such companies offer awesome returns on investment by conducting a detailed analysis of your product listings, comparing best practices, and advising powerful strategies that you can implement to boost your sales and organic reach.  

2. Use Keywords Smartly 

It is one of the biggest challenges for every seller to get a good ranking for their product and make it easy to found on Amazon. This is one of the best top authentic ways to increase Amazon Sales.

Amazon’s SEO algorithm (referred to as A9) consider keywords as the most important element while calculating search result ranks. This shows that how the search term entered by the buyer matches with your product listing page. 

Amazon’s preference is to give search results that have a high chance to sell. A9 has been composed with the objective – to make successful transactions. They want conversions from every nanosecond. But the exact functioning of the algorithm is certainly a top-level secret, many SEO experts have done thorough research to boost their product ranking. 

Sellers need to understand deeply and be well aware of the search terms buyers use when they are finding products like theirs. Popular search terms are to be used in the product title, bullet points, and description. 

It is an art to make every single keyword relevant to your product and making it lucrative enough to make content readable and engaging. Remember that a clumsy mess of keywords will not give a good impression to your potential customers and finally this will affect your conversion rate.

3. Do Boundless Keyword Research

You might think that you have enough knowledge about a specific product and industry but remember: people’s actions on the internet will always bring a surprise for you. 

As you are dealing with the entire world community which is being influenced by trends, styles, and many more other abstract motivators. This reflects on the language they use during their online search. It affects their preferences. These are constantly changing and aren’t one-time behavior. Luckily, there are authentic methods of working on it. Let’s take a look at the most promising ways. 

Use Autocomplete Feature of Amazon

Top authentic ways to increase Amazon sales

Just like Google, Amazon’s search bar also shows an auto search drop-down list which will make your work easy. This method will help sellers to find their first set of high-rank keywords. 

Start entering what you feel is the most matching keyword of your product and you will notice that Amazon will generate autocomplete options. All these words of autocomplete option are purely based on the frequent search terms of the actual customers. Simply note down all this and make your first set of keywords ready to go. If suitable, you can also repeat this method with other matching terms that are important for your product. 

Keep a track of your successful competitors

Amazon has a feature of showing products similar to yours so that you know they are selling many products under the same category.

Let’s say you are selling a roti maker. You have placed it in the category of “Kitchen & Dining”. However, there will be a unique subcategory to that product itself like “roti maker”. 

All is to analyze the content of these high ranking products to observe what keywords they have in common. 

Use Keyword Research Tool 

There are many free and paid Amazon keyword research tools available to go extra mile for better results. Each of these products enhances your research activity with their own unique methods of mining information and features. They enable in-depth study on such crucial topics. If you are really interested in Amazon SEO then it is advisable to start using such a tool with a free option and test it out. With this practice, you will be able to go win the competition.

4. Get More Reviews

Top authentic ways to increase Amazon sales

In today’s era, every potential customer is searching for social proof because it plays an important role in determining product credibility.

Obviously, it is not an easy task to motivate customers to leave reviews on Amazon. Only about 1% – 2% of customers write a review after their purchase. There are certain methods through which you can boost this figure. 

Use Product Insert strategy

You will be able to earn a bit of after-sales goodwill by inserting a physical product that ships with your product. Basically, in this way, you will be able to thank the buyer for making the purchase, remind them of reasons for buying your product, promote your other products, and request them to write a review on the product page. 

Follow up via Email 

Email follow-up is another great and most economical way to reach your customers after completing the sales transaction. You will not get a customer email id from your Amazon account. Yes, you need to get a little creative at this stage. The most efficient way at this point is to drive traffic to a landing page (non-Amazon) where you can offer a discount coupon to users who provide their contact details. 

Use “Request a Review Button” on Amazon

From the seller account backend, you need to simply click on the “Request a Review Button” and Amazon will take care of the same. Amazon will send a pretty generic polite email to the customer, asking to write feedback for your product. 

5. Use Smart Repricing 

The purpose of repricing is to offer lower prices than your competing products but at the same time not selling your product at a loss.

There are three options of working repricing into your strategy :

The Full Manual Approach 

In this approach, you need to know your competitors and keep a sharp watch on their prices. You will then lower your prices with proper calculations to ensure that you are still selling with a handsome amount of profit margin. 

The Semi-Automated Approach 

In this approach, you can use third-party software to handle competitor monitoring and reporting for you. This approach requires a lot of research and calculations error can occur. It takes a large chunk of your time because manual repricing is still present in this approach. 

The Fully Automated Approach 

GoAura advanced repricing solutions offer Amazon sellers the most efficient way to ensure competing products are outpriced and a very good amount of profit margin is maintained. 

If you have a large inventory of products and you do not have any plan to sell at a lower price than necessary, then this approach will not be applicable. 

6. Acquire the Buy Box

top authentic ways to increase Amazon Sales

 “Buy now” is the call to action button on the product listing page. To boost your sales, you must have this button for your product. This will make your things easy and ensures that your product ends up being bought. 

It is not easy for the seller to qualify for the buy box. In this case, you need to sign up for the Professional plan to get register as a seller on Amazon.

Secondly, your product listing page should convert regularly and receive numerous positive buyer reviews. 

Use Order Fulfillments by Amazon

A high level of risk is attached if a seller fulfills their own orders since companies don’t have the assurance that a product will be shipped safely and will reach on time. 

Make Sure To Keep Your Shipping Time As Short As Possible

Your product must reach on time. Amazon sharply watches shipping times because they want to create the most reliable experience for their shoppers. 

Sell a Fabulous Product 

In case if customers return products frequently due to defects or some other reason then it will be impossible for you to acquire a buy box on your product listing page. 

7. Amazon’s Advertising Solutions

Amazon advertising is crucial if you are a newbie and want to boost your sales. Amazon advertising operates in the same way as a Pay Per Click (PPC) ad campaign, and expertise in the same will help you to pick up your sales momentum. 

Amazon’s advertising solutions working pattern is very much similar to Google. 

There are three options for running an Amazon Ad campaign. 

  • manage advertising campaign on your own
  • you can use Amazon PPC software to manage most of the processes
  • you can handover this work to a PPC specialist agency who are familiar with all the processes

If you are a newbie to PPC advertising and you would like to see promising results on your advertising spend then it is highly advisable to use Amazon PPC software or to involve a PPC specialist agency. If you select a well-experienced company to assist you here, then advantages are virtually assured.

8. Create an Audience Outside of Amazon

The basic idea of this strategy is to not rely on any single platform for your business and try to create your own audience. Start understanding your customer and build personas for them which will help you to know how to sell them. 

  • Create a well-designed, responsive, and engaging website for your product. 
  • Start building your email list through your website and direct this traffic to your Amazon listing
  • Use Facebook ads for Amazon giveaway contest
  • Make smart use of all social media platforms by creating, sharing engaging content, and interact frequently with all your loyal followers. 
  • Boost brand awareness by driving traffic to your website through Facebook and Google ads. 

9. Give Enough Attention to Your Inventory

Always make sure that you don’t lose a sale due to not having enough items in stock. 

Intelligent Amazon sellers will sharply watch their stock levels, and they’ll also apply extra care to ensure this never happens.

Here are the tips to avoid such awkward situations 

  • Being an experienced seller you should know that at what time of the year you see sudden demand for the product. So it is important to keep sales data sufficiently detailed which will help you to predict a sudden rise in sales. 
  • Secondly, maintain a solid relationship with your suppliers so in case of shortage in stock you can sort out the things easily. 
  • Use inventory management system

10. Expand Your Business into International Markets

If you are operationally ready to serve international markets then make use of Amazon support and see how far you can take advantage of this platform to grow your business. 


Amazon is unquestionably the number one platform in the e-commerce world. But at the same time you need to be creative to strengthen your own presence on this platform.

So these are the 10 top authentic ways to increase Amazon Sales.